This post function copies the value of a user property to a field. Read more about JWT user properties.



Select a specific user that you want to copy the property value from.

Property key

JWT user properties consist of a key and a value.

Specify the property key in this parameter. The corresponding value will be copied. The Basic text mode is available where you can enter a text, and also use field codes.

Target field

Select the field the user property value will be copied to.

If you want to reuse the user property's value in a following post function, you can select as Target field one of the temporary text fields as a target field and reference them later on.

Additional options

Choose to update issues immediately if you want Jira to fire a separate "Issue updated" event for any field change.  This will also result in a dedicated issue history entry.

Conditional execution

You can optionally specify a logical expression to define the circumstances (or conditions) under which the post function should be executed.

The result of the logical expression must return a boolean value of either:

  • true → the post function will be executed
  • false → the post function will not be executed

Using the conditional operator, even complex or multi-layered conditions can be constructed.

Make sure to learn more about defining logical expressions and browse through the various examples here: Logical mode

Use cases and examples

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.