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Use case

Prevent issue creation when there is already another issue in the same project with the same value in a certain field.

In this use case let's suppose that we have a text custom field called Invoice, and we want to avoid this field's value to be repeated among issues of the same issue type in the same project.

This use case is based on the Prevent issue creation with the same field value with Validation based on JQL query.


Add the Logical validator to the "Create issue" transition of the desired workflow.


Add the following expression:

count(issuesFromJQL("project = '" + %{issue.project.key} + "' AND issuetype = '" + %{issue.issueType} + "' AND Invoice = '" + %{issue.cfnnnnn} + "'")) = 0

%{issue.cfnnnnn} is the field code for the custom field Invoice. You might need to update the expression accordingly to the custom field you want to use.


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