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Features used to implement the example

Example: Create a static set of sub-tasks with unique summaries

In this example, multiple sub-tasks with unique summaries are added to an issue on issue creation, e.g.

Creating issue "Release x.y.z" should automatically create sub-tasks

  • "Documentation for Version x.y.z"
  • "Blog entry for Version x.y.z"
  • "Newsletter for Version x.y.z"
  • "Social Media for Version x.y.z"

The configuration will look like this:

As four subtasks are always to be created in total, the Issues to be created option is set to Math Expression with the value 4.

The dynamic summaries are parsed with the following expression:

["Documentation for Version " + %{00074},
"Blog entry for Version " + %{00074},
"Newsletter for Version " + %{00074},
"Social Media for Version " + %{00074}])

Note that:

  • %{00074} is the field code for "Fix Version/s"

Since this behaviour should only occur with release issues, the following Conditional execution is added: %{00014} = "Release"

Note that:

  • %{00074} is the field code for "Issue Type"

Once configured, the transition will look like this:

After issue creation, the issue will look like this: