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Features used to implement the example

Example: Copy an issue and all its subtasks (with additional restrictions)

In this example we want copy an issue an its subtasks by combining two Create issues and sub-tasks post-functions and an Ephemeral Field. 

The goal is to create an alternative to the standard issue cloning function. Additionally we want to make sure that the assignee (of the sub-tasks) is not being cloned (since a different user might have to work on the new issues).

Let's have a look at the final configuration:

  • Post function 1:

    • Choose to create one issue and choose to inherit the current issue type and project key.
    • Select to inherit fields from the current issue and the rest of the fields option
    • Select the option to save the issue key in the virtual field Ephemeral string 3 (we need this in the second post-function)
    • Set assignee to null in advanced parsing mode
    • (info)The result should look like this:


  • Post function 2:

  • Choose to create issues based on seeds and the option issue list -> collect all subtasks with the expression: subtasks()
  • For the issue type select the option Issue Type Name (subtask) and use the expression ^%{00014} (which is the current issue type of each subtask)
  • As parent issue select the option issue key and write the expression %{00063} which references the Ephemeral string 3 with the issue key of the cloned parent issue (from post-function 1)
  • Summary and description fields need the advanced parsing mode and the following expressions:
    • summary: ^%{00000}
    • description: ^%{00001}
  • We choose to clear the assignee and set the assignee to null in advanced parsing mode
  • Additionally select inherit fields from the seed issue and at least select the rest of the fields option, to clone the field values of the subtasks
  • (info)The result should look like this

Note that:

  • %{00074} is the field code for "Fix Version/s"
  • ^%{00000} is the field code for the seed's Summary
  • ^%{00001} is the field code for the seed's Description
  • ^%{00014} is the field code for the seed's Issue Type
  • %{00063} is the field code for the Ephemeral String 3 (used to temporarily store the parents key)