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Use case

In this use case a User Picker (multiple users) custom field will be updated with one or several users depending on the labels contained in the Labels field.


Add the Update or copy field values post function to the desired transition or create a new transition.

Target issue

Choose Current issue


Choose a User Picker (multiple values) field.


In the popup, choose the value Set field value manually (parser expression)


Set it to Advanced text and use the following expression

" + " + toString(filterByPredicate(distinct([
"AA" in %{00080} ? "user.one" : null,
"BB" in %{00080} ? "user.one" : null,
"CC" in %{00080} ? "user.two" : null,
"DD" in %{00080} ? "user.two" : null,
"EE" in %{00080} ? "user.three" : null,
"FF" in %{00080} ? "user.three" : null
]), ^% != null))

The duplicated characters must be replaced with your labels and the different users (user.one, user.two, user.three), with the usernames of the users of your choice.

This expression will check if there are some labels in the issue. If there are, it matches the existing labels with one or several predefined users and removes the duplicated users and the empty values in the resulting list.


Choose Current user

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.