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Use case

In Jira, work can be split up into several issues. One bigger task can be split up into several sub-tasks. For keeping track of the current status, due dates can be used to indicate, when the issue should be finished. As new sub-tasks are created and the work load increases, the due date of the parent issue might not be up-to-date anymore. 

In the following use case we therefore are going to set the parent issue's due date to the latest one among all sub-tasks.


Add the Update or copy field values post function to the create transition of the sub-tasks' workflow.

This way the due date will be automatically updated as soon as a new sub-task is created.

Target issue

Choose Parent issue



Choose Due Date


Choose Set field value manually



By using this expression, the latest due date within all sibling sub-tasks will be grabbed.

The used functions are:


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