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Use case

Sum and multiply field values from fields of a list of issues and display the result on run time.


Create a new Calculated Number Field (by JWT) custom field and name it properly.

Providing a description will help you to identify what the custom field does but this step is optional.

Parser expression

Add the following parser expression:

sum(mathOnIssueList(subtasks(), (^{issue.cfaaaaa} != null ? ^{issue.cfaaaaa} : 0) * (^{issue.cfbbbbb} != null ? ^{issue.cfbbbbb} : 0)))

This expression will multiply the field values obtained from the field related to the field code {issue.cfaaaaa} with the field value obtained from the field related to the field code {issue.cfbbbbb} in every sub-task of the current issue and then sum all of these multiplications.

Please, note that before performing any calculation, it is evaluated if the fields of the sub-tasks contain a value with a conditional operator to avoid errors.

Add the field to the relevant view screens.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.