Use case

This calculated field returns the number of times a resolved issue has been rejected

To do so, we're counting the times the status is changed to "Rejected", but only when a resolution is set.


Create a new Calculated Number Field (by JWT) custom field and name it properly.

Providing a description will help you to identify what the custom field does but this step is optional.

Parser expression

Add the following expression:

Math expression for Calculated Number field:
%{issue.resolution} != null ? count(timesOfTransition("", "Rejected")) : null

Display format

Content type

Choose Number

Number format pattern

Enter ### times

Check the parameter Uninitialized when calculated value is zero

Add the field to the relevant view screens.

Remember: All calculated fields are read-only and cannot be manually updated on a create or edit screen.

Check the results

Once configured and added to an issue screen (a parent issue ), the result will look like this:

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.