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Use case

Configure a calendar with the dates of the ends of the quarters and set automatically a date in a Date Picker field two months after the closest one.


Create a Calendar named End of Quarters with the following specification:

MAR/31, JUN/30, SEP/30, DEC/31 {

08:00 - 09:00;


You can change the dates to specify when the quarters or the business periods end.


Add the Update or copy field values post function to the transition of your choice.

Target issue

Choose Current issue



Choose a Date Picker field


Choose Set field value manually


Use the following expression in with the expression editor in Numeric mode

addMonths(nextTime({system.currentDateTime}, "End of Quarter", LOCAL),2, LOCAL)

You can modify the number of months added to the date by replacing the number 2 in the expression with the amount of numbers that you need to add.

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