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Features used to implement the example

Example: Assign issue to a specific user based on a specific custom field value

I will explain how to assign an issue to a specific user based on a specific field (custom or virtual). I will use an example where I want issues to be assigned to specific users (galileofeynmannewton, ...) at creation time, depending on the value of a custom field called "Impact". Impact is a Select List with the following possible values: Very LowLowMediumHigh and Very High.

To implement this example we will use post-function Set a field as a function of other fields. We will insert this post-function in transition "Create Issue", ensuring it is executed after post-function "Creates the issue originally.". Let's see in a screenshot the required configuration to do it:

Setting rules used:

(Very Low)galileo
(Very High)kepler

Once configured, the transition will look like this:

Other examples of that function

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