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Example: Change assignee based on a custom field

I have a custom field (Select list), with few items, and i would like that based on the result of the Select list the assignee change.

Example: Select list values: 1. IT 2. Support 3. Security, after the transition validation, the assignee is updated

So, for value 1. IT (assignee is Alex) 2. Support (assignee is TOM) 3. Security (assignee is Peter)

You should use post-function Set a field as a function of other fields with the following configuration:

I'm supposing that the Select List custom field is called "Kind of Issue", and that user names (not the full names) are "Alex", "TOM" and "Peter".

Pay attention not to introduce leading or trailing blanks (space or tab characters) in the setting rules, and to write the user names and the options of the select list exactly as they are.

Once configured, transition will look like this:

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