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Example: Update checkboxes custom field if a file has been attached during a transition

I have a requirement to check that during a WKF transition at least a file was attached. If this is true, I need to update a Custom field (type checkbox).

Yes, you ca do it using post-function Set a field as a function of other fields. I will show you how to do it in an example where we have a Checkboxes type custom field called "Colours", with various colours as options. We want to set color "red" if issue has at least one attachment, leaving unaffected (checked or unchecked) the rest of the colours:

Once configured, transition will look like this:

As a clarification I explain that the '+' character preceding "red" is used to add (or check) the "red" option keeping the rest of options unaltered. If you wanted to uncheck it, you should use "-red". If you use "red" without + or -, you will uncheck all the options but "red". You have more examples of it in post-function Copy parsed text to a field. 

Field "Number of attachments" (field code {00073}) represents the number of attachments in the issue including those uploaded in transition screen. I have released a beta version 2.1.17_beta_1 with 2 new virtual fields: "Number of transition attachments" (field code {00135}) and "Transition's comment" (field code %{00127}).

You can use "Number of transition attachments" if you need to consider only those attachments uploaded in transition screen. Feel confident to use this beta version of the plugin in production environment, since it only differs from version 2.1.16 in those 2 new virtual fields.

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