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Example: Assign issue based on the value of a Cascading Select custom field

We have bought Jira Workflow Toolbox and I am trying to develop a ticketing system which will assign a ticket based on the results of the cascading select that user will choose. Which post function can I use from your plugin?

To do it you have to use two post-functions:

Let's suppose we have a custom field of type cascading select called "Country". In Level 0 we select a continent, and in Level 1 we select a country in previously selected continent. Options available in custom field "Country":

We use post-function Copy parsed text to a field to copy Level 0 of field "Country" into auxiliary virtual field "Ephemeral string 1":

Note the notation used to reference level 0 of field Country: 

  • %{10900.0}. In case you want to reference level 1 you should use¬†%{10900.1}.
  • 10900 is the ID of custom field "Country"¬†in our example

We use post-function Set a field as a function of other fields to set the value of virtual field "Assignee" with the name of certain users of Jira, depending on the value of virtual field "Ephemeral string 1":

Once configured, the transition looks like this:

Other examples of that functions

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