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Features used to implement the example

  • Copy parsed text to a field
  • Virtual field "Assignee": writing a user name into this field will assign the issue to the corresponding user.
  • Parser function "usersWhoTransitioned()"

usersWhoTransitioned(string origin_status, string destination_status) : string list
Available since version 2.2.7
returns a string list with the names of the users who transitioned current issue from origin_status to destination_status, order ascending by time. An empty string as argument is interpreted as any status.
Example: last(usersWhoTransitioned("Open", "In Progress")) returns the name of the user who executed transition "Start Progress" more recently.

Example: Assign issue to last user who executed a certain transition in the workflow

We want to assign current issue to the last user who executed the transition  Start Progress, which goes from Open to In Progress  status.

For implementing that behavior we simply use Copy parsed text to a field post-function with the following configuration:

Text to be parsed: count(usersWhoTransitioned("Open", "In Progress")) > 0

Conditional execution: last(usersWhoTransitioned("Open", "In Progress"))

We use count(usersWhoTransitioned("Open", "In Progress")) > 0 for checking whether there is at least one user who transitioned the issue from Open to In Progress, and in affirmative case we use last(usersWhoTransitioned("Open", "In Progress")).

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