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Example: Set a Select or Multi-Select field using regular expression to express the values to be assigned

What I want to do is to set a Multiple Select Field to the single value in that same Multiple Select Field that begins with the string “Current”. I don’t know the text that follows the “Current” string – only that it begins with “Current”.

I have just released version 2.0.10 of Jira Workflow Toolbox. To implement the use case you described you have to use post-function Copy parsed text to a field twice.

  • Copy "/(Current.*)/" removing the quotes to virtual field "Ephemeral string 1".
  • Copy virtual field "Ephemeral string 1" to your Multi Select field.

A final note: It should be possible to do it with only one use of Copy parsed text to a field, but there is a bug that I will fix in the next version of the plugin. This bug only appears when you set fields with this post-function in a transition that clears the resolution field of the issue. This has been fixed in 2012.

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