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Example: Make a sub-task's status match parent issue's current status on creation

How can I enforce that when a sub-task is created it's status is set immediately to the status of its parent issue?

It will be required that a transition from initial status (i.e., destination status for "Create Issue" transition) to every single status in sub-task's workflow exists.

Usually you will want that those transitions from initial status to the rest of statuses won't be used by human Jira users. You can hide them using condition "Transition is triggered by Jira Workflow Toolbox post-function". This condition will make those transition only available for Jira Workflow Toolbox post-functions.

Once you have created all the necessary hidden transitions from initial status (usually "Open") to the rest of the statuses in sub-task's workflow, you will have to insert post-function Copy parsed text to a field in "Create Issue" transition in sub-task's workflow with the following configuration:

Note that:

  • %{00042} is field code for "Parent's issue status"
  • You should insert Copy parsed text to a field after "Creates the issue originally" post-function

Once configured, "Create Issue" in sub-task's workflow will look like this:

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